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Dream Big

Dream Big

Why I love Harry Potter?

CatiDreamer, 03.09.19


Hi Dreamers!

  It's CatiDreamer here , be welcome back to my blog! It's September, and that means two months to Dream Big's Birthday! Hum… What surprises am I preparing for you?

  I decided to write this article in English, even being Portuguese , because, in my opinion, Harry Potter is a world theme and because I know that some of you are from other countries, so I want to reach your hearts too. This is also a way to practice my English, so sorry if it's not perfect.

  Back to the question… Why I love Harry Potter? 

  Well, it started when I was five years old. My first contact with HP wasn't through books or movies, but through a PlayStation game. A neighbor friend of mine, a few years older, had the game and told me the story of the little wizard (  And now you must be thinking " a five-year old girl interested in Harry Potter , you couldn't even read yet! " ). But I have to confess, it wasn't the story that attracted me, was the magic/spells of the game, in the first moment. At that time, Dumbledore was the Santa Claus, Snape was the Angry as in Snow White's dwarfs. Only when I later learned to read did I understand the story better and enjoy that fantastic world even more!

  My favourite characters are Albus Dumbledore, Hagrid and Harry Potter. In the ladies team my favourite are Hermione Granger and Minerva McGonagall.

  In Hogwarts, the best school ever, my house is Ravenclaw! My favourite place in school is the Library and the subjects I would most like to learn at Hogwarts would be Spells, Potions, History of Magic and Treatment of Magical Creatures. The flying class would be a total adventure, because I'm afraid of heights, but I would do my best to impress Madame Hooch.

  Be part of this amazing world , would be for me the best thing ever! How many of you would like to become a Hogwarts student? Share with me in the comment section below or in my Instagram, and tell me if you would like to read more articles in English. 


A shining hug!

Just Believe.